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Terms and Conditions


By renting the car described on the other side of this contract you agree with the terms that follow and those stipulated on the other side of this contract. Me, my and my, refer to the person who signs this contract, you, you and your refer to La Perla Car Rental WHEN I DELIVER THE CAR; I will deliver the car by the date indicated on the front. I will deliver the car as soon as you demand it. WHERE WILL I DELIVER THE CAR?; The car must be delivered to the location agreed in this contract. There may be changes in the price or special charges if delivered to a different location. CHARGES FOR RENT; I will pay for the time you rent the car at the price indicated on the front. The minimum charge is one day (24 hrs.). Overtime charges will be at the price indicated on the other side of this contract, for each hour or part of an hour in excess of 24 hours until it amounts to a rental day. GASOLINE SUPPLY SERVICE; I will pay the charge for the gas supply if I deliver the car with less gas than when it was rented. SELF-EXPRESS OPTION; If I choose to take the self-express option, I will pay you the sum of $ 10.00 plus all tolls I use while you have your rental car. I accept that all tolls will be charged directly to my credit card. I understand that the AutoExpreso agency may take up to 30 days to send used toll reports and I accept that any toll charges that belong to me are charged to my credit card even if my contract has been closed. If I do not take your AutoExpreso option and make use of any toll, I will be charged a penalty of $ 25.00 plus the toll I use. If I remove the AutoExpreso stamp assigned to your car or use a stamp other than the original, I will be charged a penalty of $ 250.00 EXTENDED PUBLIC RESPONSIBILITY COVERAGE; Based on an additional daily charge, I request Extended Public Liability coverage to the limits indicated. FINES AND EXPENSES; I will pay any fine, court costs and other expenses for transit tickets and other violations with respect to the use of the car while it was rented by me, unless these are your fault. ERROR IN CHARGES FOR INCOME; The charges that appear on the other side are not final. I will pay any difference in fees and I will receive reimbursement for any surcharges you discover when reviewing this contract. I authorize you to correct the credit card receipts signed by me to reflect these changes and you agree to notify me in writing of these corrections. USE OF THE CAR; I will not consent to the use of the car to load passengers or paid property or to tow or push anything. I will not consent to submit it to any test, career or any other competition and I will not consent to the use for any illegal purpose. I will only use the car on paved roads. WHO ELSE CAN DRIVE THE CAR?; Only who appears at the time of rental and signs as an additional driver and is approved by you. LOSS OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR; I will pay for any loss or damage to the car at the prevailing price, including loss of use, plus administrative charges regardless of the fault. My responsibility for damage in a collision accident, chassis damage or rollover is for the total amount of damage. If I accept the collision damage relief option, you relieve my responsibility and I do not have to pay anything. But I will be responsible for the full amount of damages if I or an additional driver; 1) violates any of the terms in this contract; 2) car abuse; 3) carelessly guiding or under the influence of alcohol or drugs; 4) Failure to report any loss or damage to the policy at any time and also to LA PERLA CAR RENTAL by calling the telephone number in this contract; or 5) if you obtained the car under fraud or false representation; 6) Fail to remove the keys from the ignition and close all doors and windows when parking the car. RELEASE OF DAMAGES BY COLLISION; I will pay for the option, if I accept it. I understand that the price of a full day will be charged even if I don't have the car for a whole day. Collision damage relief is your relief from my responsibility, this is not insurance. This option falls automatically after the agreed day and time of delivery. RESPONSIBILITY; I agree that I am responsible for all damages or losses caused by me or by authorized drivers and any person operating the vehicle with my permission, even if they are not authorized. I agree to provide auto responsibility, comprehensive and collision coverage. All authorized drivers agree to indemnify and exempt from liability for any loss, liability and expenses as a result of personal injury, death or property damage caused by or as a result of the operation of the vehicle. All authorized drivers agree to comply and are bound by all its terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions, which are made part of the Agreement by reference. CHARGES; All charges, expenses, fines, including payment for loss or damage to the car, are payable at your request. If I do not pay all charges when they expire, I agree to pay a 1 1/2% charge per month on the balance due. I will pay any cost for collection including your reasonable attorney fees. If I do not pay any amount due when it expires, you can contact my employer regarding the collection of your account. If this rental includes a third person with your consent, both the third party and I alike are clearly responsible for all expenses incurred under this contract. BOOK CREDIT CARD; I have been informed that an estimated amount of the total charges to be charged for this contract may be separated or reserved from my credit card or credit card that I submit to collect the account and I consent to the reservation or separation of that amount. REPAIRS BEEN RENTED; I must receive your approval before servicing the car, or for the replacement of parts or accessories thereto, by calling LA PERLA CAR RENTAL's main offices at the phones listed in the contract. If this is not done, I understand that I may not be reimbursed for the expenses incurred by me in repairs, parts, accessories or others, during the rental of the car. RESPONSIBILITY / COMPARTMENT OF THE VEHICLE / DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY; I understand that you will not be liable for any direct, special or consequential damage or connection with the car you rent to me, or for causes arising from its use or behavior. I understand that you give no guarantee of any kind, nature or description, express or imply the merchantability of the car for any purpose. PROPERTY LEFT IN THE CAR; You will not be liable for loss or damage of any property left at any time inside or outside the car or in a car in service, on your premises or received or driven by you without seeing whose fault it was. I will be liable to you for any claim made by another for loss or damage. MEANING OF CAR; The word car in this contract means the rented vehicle or its replacement including, tires, tools, equipment, accessories and car documents. CHANGES; Any change in this contract or your rights must be in writing and signed by the president. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between you and me, please see more terms and conditions on the other side. Questions, reservations and / or billing; call 787-651-4121 and 787-651-0636.